Welcome to Gaupa Lao Construction Company !

Gaupa Lao’s ability to adapt to fluctuating market conditions, commitment to technical and operational excellence and to providing clients with high quality projects has enabled Gaupa Lao to achieve sustained growth since its establishment in 1997.

Gaupa Lao offers a full range of architectural, design, construction and engineering services to a diverse portfolio of Lao, Thai and international clients and is well positioned to provide services on a comprehensive range of public and private sector projects including:

Commercial Complexes and Office Buildings;
Residential Housing and Condominiums;
Hotels and Resorts;
Industrial/Infrastructure such as manufacturing facilities, bridges, highways.

Gaupa Lao has successfully completed numerous building, civil and mechanical and electrical engineering projects for clients operating across the industrial and commercial spectrum utilizing the experience and expertise of its staff to achieve the required objectives.

Gaupa Lao Team