Our Services

Our Services - Gaupa Lao  Architecture Design
Designing work from Gaupa Lao mainly emphasizes on customers’ need, on both concept and style; size of house, number of room, suitable plan for sunlight and wind direction of the land as we consider of utilities and beauty. Every project will designed meticulously by professional architects, engineers and decorator as we pay attention to every detail, material selection in order to create strong and perfect house. 
Our Services - Gaupa Lao  Construction
Construction from Gaupa Lao is taken care and controlled by experienced engineers and foreman and professional workers who are staff of Gaupa Lao Co., Ltd not from minor contractor. So, you can be sure that your construction work will be certified, and you will definitely not be taken advantage of your budget.

Our Services - Gaupa Lao  Interior Design
Interior design is to create a space inside the building to provide space utilities combined with beauty. Also, at Gaupa Lao, we emphasize on durable and attractive material selection by considering of beauty and suitability in the uniqueness and upon customers’ needs.

Our Services - Gaupa Lao  Swimming Pool
Gaupa Lao design and constructs house including swimming pool. If any customers have their own house and want to have swimming pool, we can construct a house including swimming pool to match both designing and structure within limited space.